Anti-Racism Ally Pledge

The Coalition for Racial Justice & Equity supports our marginalized community members and is committed to advancing racial equity and justice. We encourage you, your friends, colleagues, family, and leaders of your organization to sign our pledge to stand with our marginalized community members who have faced injustice based on the color of their skin. By signing the pledge, you recognize it’s not enough to not be racist. We must be actively anti-racist and against racial injustice.

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Anti-Racism Ally Pledge

I pledge to support marginalized community members and address the injustices that stem from systemic racism within our society. I understand that current power structures are designed to oppress people of color and I will not passively accept this institutionalized inequality. Instead, I personally vow to incite positive change by:

  • Educating myself on our country’s racist historical foundation and striving to understand all systemic challenges Americans of color face
  • Sharing my knowledge about white privilege proactively with others and speaking up whenever faced with racist remarks
  • Listening to marginalized community members with intention and engagement
  • Supporting marginalized individuals in organizations so that workplace culture can become increasingly equitable and just
  • Acknowledging my own privilege and power and utilizing it to deconstruct oppression and hold my community accountable

By signing the pledge, I recognize it’s not enough to “not be racist”, but being actively anti-racist and against racial injustice.

Thank you for standing against racial injustice!

Download the Resources To Support The Black Community As An Ally Guide.

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