Our Coalition’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board members lead the charge in developing and executing programs that promote racial justice and equity within our community. We will continuously update this information as programming efforts evolve through their commitment, leadership, and efforts.

The Justice System

The Police Academy program aims to promote racial equity within the community by providing intentional and actionable training for local law enforcement officers. Through a combination of presentations and group roundtable discussions, community leaders and police officers engage in relationship building and knowledge sharing. Topics include:

  • The role diversity and inclusion plays within communication and action
  • How to recognize, challenge, and overcome stereotyping and judgments
  • Working effectively across cultures
  • How the private and public sectors can work together to create positive change within the community

Policing in America has always been a contentious relationship with the African American community well before the 1963 Civil Rights Movement, under the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. People of color have been rioted against, lynched, dogs released on them, communities burned to the ground, unjustly arrested, wrongfully incarcerated, racially profiled and even killed at the hands of the police. It is incredibly disheartening that some of these tragic and unjust incidents are still taking place today. Systemic racism has been integrated into our police departments across the country. The term “community policing” is foreign because it does not seem to exist based on the recent, continual, tiresome and unfathomable situations that continue to unfold before our very eyes via social media outlets, news broadcasts and headlines. The time to dismantle bias-based policing is now. Business leaders, community leaders and government officials must unite and work together to create actionable outcomes between the community and the police, who have taken an oath to “Protect and Serve,” not divide and conquer.