The unjust deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others in the African American community have culminated in a historic moment, when leaders from various industries across our nation have expressed their commitment to sparking change and supporting racial justice. We need to collaborate and create a space that leverages the voices and perspectives of our networks to help dismantle systemic racism through strategic and intentional racial equity efforts. By launching the Coalition for Racial Justice and Equity, we will serve as a conduit for change around racial justice and have a tangible impact on our communities and our nation.


The Coalition for Racial Justice and Equity aims to advance racial equity for all to transform our nation and achieve social justice. We will achieve this by…

  1. Creating a space where business and community leaders come together to brainstorm actionable ways to promote racial equity in a strategic and intentional manner
  2. Leveraging leadership commitment to racial justice to bring Coalition initiatives to life, thereby having a concrete impact on the community
  3. Dedicating resources to racial justice efforts long-term, given the magnitude and scope of systemic racism

Focus Areas

Given the magnitude of systemic racism’s impact on society, the Coalition will initially focus on two areas (Education and the Justice System) out of those listed below so as to intentionally refine the team’s efforts.

  • Education
  • Justice System
  • Economic Development
  • Immigration
  • Housing
  • Underserved Youth